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Breast Implants and 50CC's: Don't Stress

June 12, 2015

Several women have contacted me over the last couple of weeks (which I love, and you can do the same right here), and several of the breast implant questions have sounded similar to this...

"My plastic surgeon is recommending I get 400cc's, but I think I should get 450cc's. What should I do?"

Trying to decide on a final breast implant "fill volume" can definitely be stressful, which is why I urge women to find a Boobie Guide and take lots of photos to their plastic surgeon during the breast augmentation consultation process.

To help you do that, I've created a lot of them to help you find the look you prefer, and I've put a couple examples below...

But still, even when your plastic surgeon has a good idea of what look you prefer, I want you to remember something very important...

Breast augmentations are just as much art as they are science.

This goes without saying, but a good plastic surgeon will be able to look at the photos you bring and give you a recommendation of what size breast implants you'll need, and I would strongly encourage you to trust their judgement. Now, the next statement I'm going to make is fairly bold, but give me a second to explain it.

If you don't trust your plastic surgeon's judgement within 50cc's, then you probably need to find someone different.

Here's why I say that. Typically, you can expect your breasts to increase by one cup size for every 150cc–250cc's. So if you're going from a B-cup to a D-cup, your breast implants will likely fall in the range of 300cc–500cc's. So in the grand scheme of things, can you see why 50cc's is fairly insignificant?

That's why I believe you should find a different plastic surgeon if you are questioning their judgement, plus or minus 50cc's. There are likely trust issues going on, and you should listen to those!

I'll wrap up with this... If you are beyond stressed out about whether or not to get 50 extra cc's, then I would say to go for it. Most women wish they had gone a little bigger after their breast augmentaiton surgery, so there won't be any harm in it :-)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

It's very unlikely that you would dramatically notice a 50cc difference between implants after your augmentation. Of course, with smaller implants there is a slightly higher likelihood that you be able to tell a difference.

For example, a Robitussin cup holds 30cc of liquid, so it is a very small amount. In general, if you're deciding between two sizes, I would recommend making the decision based on whether you'd prefer to lean toward the slightly smaller or slightly larger overall look.

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