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My Favorite Recovery Bras for Your Breast Augmentation!

November 14, 2018

In the BA community there are basically three categories of bra: your before surgery bras (you can donate here), your surgical surgery bras (for during your recovery period) and your after bras (the bras that you get to go shopping for once your implants have settled).

Lots of bras, lots of potential… confusion!

Bra confusion
Bra confusion

Let’s look at the after surgery (or post-op) bra options. I’m excited to tell you about my 2 favorite post-op bra options: the Coobie Bra and the RxBra.

The Coobie Bra

If you’re looking for a zero compression post-op bra the Coobie Bra is the one for you!

Coobie Lace Coverage Bra
Coobie Lace Coverage Bra
Coobie Lace Coverage Bra

The Coobie markets itself as an everyday wear bra but many women (myself included) have discovered the Coobie is an amazing post-op bra option.

Key features of the Coobie Bra are:

  • Great $ price/value (~$20)
  • Light and yet still supportive
  • Seamless, no fastenings (so, super comfy)
  • Adjustable straps
  • HUGE range of colours and styles!

A downside of the Coobie bra is that, with no fastenings, you have to get it on over your head (which may be a problem for some post-op) - but you can always step into it and pull it up over your body!

The RxBra

The other post-op bra I truly LOVE is the RxBra. If your post-op bra needs to have compression then the RxBra is the one for you!


The RxBra markets itself as a a sexier post-op bra option. It’s one of my favorites because it’s comfy and feels super secure.

Key features of the RxBra are:

  • Designed by Doctors specifically for breast surgery patients
  • Designed using materials proven to increase blood flow and promote healing
  • Front-fastening (feels super secure)
  • Front-adjustable straps (easier for you if your post-op arms movements are limited)

I also love that the company behind the RxBra are forward-focused so they continue to innovate and make their post-op bra better.

If the RxBra sounds like your perfect post-op bra you can use the exclusive Eden Knows Implant coupon code Eden25 to get 25% off the purchase of any Rx recovery bra. PLUS - free shipping.

In my quest to find the perfect recovery bra I’ve tried loads! I’ve found so many of the post-op bras options are too heavy, too thick, too hot, there isn’t enough support or you don’t have any adjustable options. Both the Coobie and the RxBra stand out as really impressive (not to mention comfy and supportive) post-op bra options.

Always check with your own Board Certified plastic surgeon what their post-op bra recommendations are so you choose the right kind of recovery bra to get your healing journey off to the best start.